2005 Jetta & 2007 Golf Variant – Maintenance Handbook PDF Free download

2005 Jetta & 2007 Golf Variant - Maintenance Handbook PDF
2005 Volkswagen Jetta & 2007 Volkswagen Golf Variant – Maintenance Handbook. This manual contains maintenance and repair procedures for the 2005 Volkswagen Jetta & 2007 Volkswagen Golf Variant. It contains useful information and tips that will help you repair and maintain your vehicle. This manual is divided into several sessions as follows:

  • Engine list
  • Service work
  • Service tables for “Rest of World” markets
  • Service scope for North American and Canadian markets
  • Service scope for “Rest of World” markets up to model year 2007
  • Service scope for “Rest of World” markets from model year 2008
  • Service intervals for “Rest of World” markets
  • Service intervals for North American and Canadian markets
  • Information on LongLife service or time or distance dependent service
  • General
  • Tow starting/towing for North American and Canadian markets
  • Raising vehicle with lifting platform and trolley jack
  • Sticker
  • Connecting vehicle diagnostic tester
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Vehicle data sticker
  • Countries with elevated sulphur content in diesel fuel
  • Severe operating conditions
  • Engine code and engine number
  • Engine oils for North American and Canadian markets
  • Engine oils for “Rest of World” markets
  • RME fuel -biodiesel- for vehicles up to 05.2006
  • Type plate
  • Descriptions of work
  • Removable towing bracket: Check
  • Swivel joints: Visual check
  • Driving light assist and cornering light: Check function
  • Automatic gearbox: Check ATF level, 09G gearbox
  • Battery: Check battery terminal clamps for secure seating
  • Battery: Check using battery tester with printer VAS 5097A
  • Front passenger front airbag: Check activation / deactivation for vehicles without seat occupied recognition
  • Checking tyres: Condition, wear pattern, inflation pressure, tread depth
  • Brake and clutch system: Change brake fluid
  • Brake fluid level: Check
  • Brake system: Perform visual check for leaks and damage
  • Front and rear brake pads/linings: Check thickness
  • Checking diesel particulate filter
  • 6-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG) 02E: Change oil and filter
  • Electric windows: Check positioning (open and close functions)
  • Vehicle system test: Perform test
  • Protective bellows: Visual check
  • Renewing rubber buffers for engine cover
  • Haldex coupling (Jetta 4motion): Change oil
  • Poly V-belt: Adjust tension on engines without automatic tensioning roller
  • Poly V-belt: Check condition
  • Dash panel insert: Adapt menu language versions
  • Compass: Set compass zone and calibrate compass (for North American, Canadian and Mexican markets)
  • Cooling system: Check frost protection and coolant level
  • Fuel filter: Renew
  • Air filter: Clean housing and renew filter element
  • Memory seat: Perform initialisation
  • Engine and components in engine compartment (from above and below): Perform visual check for leaks and damage
  • Engine cover -top-: Removing and installing
  • Removing and installing engine compartment cover -bottom- (noise insulation)
  • Engine oil level: Check
  • Engine oil: Drain or extract; renew oil filter and replenish engine oil
  • Checking breakdown set
  • Panorama sliding roof: Check function, clean guide rails if necessary and grease with special grease, clean wind deflector
  • Performing road test (driving behaviour, noises, air conditioner etc.)
  • Wheel securing bolts: Tighten to prescribed torque setting
  • Reading radio code with fault reader
  • Radio/navigation system: Activate anti-theft coding
  • Tyre pressure monitoring: Perform basic setting
  • Renewing tyre pressure sensors
  • Dust and pollen filter: Clean housing and renew filter element
  • Headlight adjustment: Check
  • Service interval display: Reset
  • Service interval display: Recode (for “Rest of World” markets)
  • Service interval display: Recode at delivery inspection (for North American and Canadian markets)
  • Service interval display: Recode at first oil change service (for North American and Canadian markets)
  • Sunroof: Check function, clean and grease guide rails
  • Window wash/wipe system and headlight washer system: Check function
  • Wiper blades: Check park position
  • Wiper blade protection: Remove
  • Track rod ends: Check play, security and boots
  • Auxiliary heater: Set weekday in menu of combi-instrument
  • Door arrester: Grease
  • Transportation mode: Switch off
  • Transportation devices: Remove blocking pieces from front axle springs
  • Underbody sealant: Perform visual check for damage to underbody sealant, underbody panels, routing of lines and plugs
  • Clock and date: Set to correct time
  • Camshaft drive toothed belt: Check (TDI unit injector engines)
  • Toothed belt and toothed belt tensioning roller: Renew (TDI engines)
  • Camshaft drive toothed belt: Renew (2.0 l FSI and TFSI)
  • Camshaft drive toothed belt: Check (4-cylinder petrol engines 1.4 l and 1.6 l)
  • Spark plugs: Renew
  • Exhaust emissions test
  • Exhaust emissions test for petrol engines with OBD
  • Exhaust emissions test for diesel engines with OBD
  • Glossary

Edition 09.2009 (MEX5R006120)
Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 214
Size: 5.62 Mb
Free download 2005 Jetta & 2007 Golf Variant – Maintenance Handbook PDF

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