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Brilliance PDF manuals

Brilliance Auto V20.00 Diagnostic List
Brilliance M2 Repair Manual
brilliance-m2-junjie-manual 2005-2010
Repair manual Brilliance M1-BS6-M2-BS4-Huachen Junjie

Brilliance Electrical Wiring diagrams

Brilliance Engine EWD Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Brilliance China Auto

Brilliance V5 Wiring Diagrams – Fuse scheme

Brilliance V5 Wiring Diagrams – Fuse scheme

F3: Power supply compartment 2 (KL30-2 to PJB) – 60A
F4: The pyrotechnic system with the electric power (EPS) – 80A
F5: Power supply of the cab 1 (KL30-1 to PJB) – 60A
F6: Cooling Fan – 30A
F7: ABS Pump (ABS PUMP) – 40A
F8: Not used
F9: Main loop (MAIN RELAY) – 30A
F10: Electronic control unit for the motor (ENGlNE Π•CU 1) – 10A
F11: Stretcher’s wheel (STARTHER RELAY) – 30A
F12: Fuel oil (FUEL PUMP) – 15A
F13: Electro-magnetic valve ABS (ABS VALVE) – 20A
F14: 3-wire signal (HORN) – 15A
F15: Compressor Conversion (A / C Compressor) – 10A
F16: Signalizer (SIGNAL) – 5A
F17: Combustion CART (INGNITION COIL) – 15A
F18: Injection / injectors (INJECTOR) – 15A
F19: Electronic engine control unit 2 (ENGINE ECU-2) – 15A
F20: Oxygen sensor (LAMBDA) – 15A


R1: Communication loop (LOAD OFF) – 70A
R2: Low-speed swing of the radiator hood (COOLING FAN LOW) – 40A
R3: The battery charge (VACUUM PUMP) – 40A
R4: Main loop (MAIN) – 30A
R5: 3-wire signal (HORN) – 30A
R6: Not used
R7: High-speed range of the radiator hood (COOLING FANHIGH) – 70A
R8: Pilot stapper (STARTΠ•R) – 40A
R9: Not used
R10: Fuel oil (FUEL PUMP) – 30A
R11: Compressor Conversion (A / C COMPRESSOR) – 30A

Fuse box in the cabin

Fuse box in the cabin

F1: The repeater (CIGAR LIGHTER) – 15A
F2: Wiper Power Cleaner (WlPER REPAIR PLUS) – 15A
F3: The first anti-fog lamp (FRONT FOG LAMP) – 15A
F4: Electric sunroof (SUNROOF) – 15A
F5: BCM electronics 1 – 20A
F6: Electronic unit BCM 3 – 30A
F7: Electronic block BCM 2 – 30A
F8: Diagnostic connector (OBD INTERFAX) – 10A
F9: Rear door heater (REAR DEFROSTER) – 30A
F10: Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) – 10A
F11: Front interior lighting (FRONT INTERNAL LAMP) – 10A
F12: Stoch-signal (BRAKE LAMP) – 10A
F13: BCM 5 – 10A electronics
F14: BCM 4 – 15A electronics
F15: The left-hand near-light box (LEFT LOW BEAM) – 10A
F17: Signaling system ACC (ACC SIGNAL) – 15A
F19: The right gabapitny fan (RlGHT POSITION LAMP) – 7.5A
F20: Not used
F21: The keyless entry system (PEPS) – 15A
F22: Signalizator IG (IG SIGNAL) – 5A
F23: Rear window cleaner (REAR WIPER) – 15A
F24: Windshield wiper (FRONT WIPER) – 15A
F25: Seat conditioner (SEAT HEAT) – 10A
F26: Electric drive for the seat (POWER SEAT) – 30A
F27: Not used
F28: Power connector (OUTLET) – 15A
F29: Not used
F30: High beam (HIGH BEAM) – 15A
F31: Not used
F32: Pediatrician (RADIO) – 10A
F33: Not used
F34: Not used
F35: Not used
F36: Climate control circuit (ACC RELAY) – 20A
F38: Signalizator of the power system (POWERRTRAIN SIGNAL) – 10A
F39: Ignition switch ignition switch (IGI SIGNAL) – 10A
F40: Acceleration bag (AIRBAG) – 10A
F41: Control unit ACPU (TCU) – 15A
F42: Rear-end drive (REVERESSE LAMP) – 10A
F43: Controller ABS – 10A
F44: The electric drive of a rear-view mirror – 10А
F45: Not used
F46: Ignition wire (IGI RELAY) – 30A
F47: Heater fan (BLOWER) – 30A
F48: Ignition switch (IGNITION SWITCH) – 10A


R1: Low fan speed fan (BLOWER LOW) – 40A
R2: Rear wheel adjuster’s wheel (REAR DEFROSTER) – 70A
R3: Ignition wire (IGI) – 40A
R4: Heater fan high speed (BLOWER HIGH) – 40A
R5: Not used
R6: Peak AT – 30A
R7: Slingbacks (SMALL LIGHT) – 30A
R8: Climate Control Circuit (ACC) – 30A
R9: Not used
R10: Not used
R11: Not used
R12: Forward of the forward passive frame (FRONT FOG LAМP) – 30A
R13: Not used
R14: Short-distance relay (LOW BEAM) – 30A
R15: Not used
R16: Long distance beam (HIGH BEAM) -30A

Brilliance China Auto is a Chinese automotive company. The company’s plants are located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. The company’s shares are traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Brilliance China is the only Chinese automotive company, whose ADR is traded on the New York Stock Exchange NYSE: CBA.
Annual revenue (June 2005 – June 2006) – $ 895.95 million EBITDA EBITDA profit of $ 20.60 million

The structure of the company

Brilliance China Automotive is a holding company that includes several companies engaged mainly in the automotive sector. The holding was established in 1992 on the initiative of the Chinese government. The largest shareholder of Brilliance is state-owned company Huachen Automotive Group Holdings Co. Ltd., which owns 40% of the holding’s shares.
Brilliance China Automotive owns a subsidiary of Shenyang Brilliance JinBei Automobile Co., Ltd., which produces minibuses JinBei and Granse (based on Hiace and Granvia of Toyota Corporation). The production technology was transferred to the Chinese company under a technical cooperation agreement signed between Brilliance and Toyota. These minibuses are used in China as police cars, ambulances and other special vehicles.
Shenyang Brilliance JinBei Automobile – the largest Chinese manufacturer of minibuses – about 60 000 pieces in 2005.
Since 2002, Shenyang Brilliance JinBei Automobile has been producing the Zhonghua and Zunchi sedans. Design Zhonghua was developed by the Italian company Italdesign. Since 2011, the Brilliance H530 sedan has been produced, and since 2014 – the Brilliance V5 crossover.
In 2003, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. was created. – joint venture of BMW Group and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. The share of the BMW Group in the joint venture is 50%, Brilliance China Automotive Holdings – 49% and 1% owned by Shenyang Brilliance JinBei Automobile.


In 2007, Brilliance China Auto produced 123 313 cars and minibuses (an increase of 81.5%).
The parent company of the concern is located in Shenyang.
In 2005, BMW Brilliance produced 15,300 BMW cars. In total in 2005, sales of BMW cars amounted to 23595 pieces. In 2006, the company planned to produce 20,000-25,000 BMW cars.

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