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Zotye Service Manuals PDF, Workshop Manuals, spare parts catalog, fault codes and wiring diagrams

Zotye PDF manuals

On this page you can download owners manuals for such Zotye cars as: Zotye Nomada, Zotye Damai X5, Zotye Damai X7, Zotye T600, Zotye T200, Zotye Z700, Zotye Z500, Zotye Z300 Horizons Version, Zotye Z300, Zotye M300, Zotye Yun 100, Zotye Z100, Zotye Zhidou E20
Zotye T600 Owner’s Manual (PDF)

Zotye history

Zotye is a Chinese automotive brand that is included in the TOP-10 leaders of the Chinese market. Zotye Auto adheres to the idea of ​​innovative rationalism, combining in the cars European comfort, reliability and high manageability without compromising style.
Established in 2005, ZOTYE AUTO, belongs to the private Chinese holding Zotye Holding Group Co. Since 2003, the holding has achieved outstanding results in the production of auto components consumed both by the domestic market of the Republic of China and exported to other countries in Asia, to Africa and Europe. Since 2005, according to the accepted concept of ZOTYE development, the production of cars has been started. The main hobby of the holding was the production of environmentally friendly high-tech products, both in the field of auto components and in the production of cars.
Many accuse the company ZOTYE of plagiarism, the similarity of ZOTYE cars with eminent cars should be taken as the fact that ZOTYE has long been a component supplier to many of the production of European brands in China. Naturally, this cooperation influenced the appearance of ZOTYE cars. But ZOTYE cars have an impeccable appearance, outstanding running and performance characteristics, a high level of quality and comfort. This manifests its own style – ZOTYE!

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  1. Ismil Abdoulaye Sekou

    Hello, I would like a list of instructions for the way to dismantle and install the internal parts. Is it possible for the Zotye T300?

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