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4 Reasons to Upgrade to an R-Series Excavator

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With nearly 50 years of operating experience under his belt, Lenny Seales knows what he needs from his compact equipment. Ever since purchasing his first Bobcat loader in 1970, Lenny’s fleet has remained entirely made up of Bobcat equipment.

“Other guys have tried to get me to switch,” Lenny says. “But I’ve tried ‘em all, and my Bobcat machines are the best choice I could have made.”

As an owner of L&K Equipment, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Lenny made the decision to steadily upgrade his Bobcat fleet through the years. Lenny has a long-standing relationship with Bobcat of Palm Beach and Bobcat of Broward where he buys his compact equipment. He’s always on the lookout for new innovations that make his grading and utility installation work more productive and comfortable.

“I believe we ordered the R-Series [excavator] before they were even released to be manufactured,” he says. “That E35 does just about anything you need.”

Having experience both operating equipment and successfully running a business, Lenny shares the four key reasons his R-Series E35 is the most trusted machine in his fleet.

1. Cab Comfort

Lenny is no stranger to tough working conditions. After years of working in the intense Florida heat, switching from an open cab to a closed cab became more than just a luxury – it was a necessity.

Lenny Seales settles into his R-Series excavator

“Down here, you need all the A/C you can get,” Lenny says. “I had five open-cab Bobcat machines, but now all I use are closed cabs. I have to have them.”

Relief from the heat isn’t the only reason Lenny relies on the comfort of his R-Series excavator. After being diagnosed with a chronic health condition, he had to adjust his working environment with an enclosed cab.

“My doctor wasn’t going to let me operate equipment anymore, but then I found these closed-cab machines,” Lenny says.

The features of the enclosed cab were essential to getting him back to work, and they also accommodate his business needs.

“This is my office. I have an outlet for my phone, and I can play Lynyrd Skynyrd in the cab while I work.”

2. Increased Visibility

When operating an excavator, it’s important to always maintain a clear view of your surroundings. So, when Lenny discovered that R-Series excavators offer 15 percent more visibility than older models, he knew he’d put the extra glass to good use.

“With the new window, you can see what’s around you a lot better than the other machines,” Lenny says. “You’ve got to be able to see what’s around you at all times, especially when you’re digging in the ground. In my work experience, it is necessary to view what you’re doing.”

3. More Power and Advanced Hydraulics

When taking on tough jobs, Lenny relies on power and hydraulics to muscle through Florida’s clay-filled soil and sandy conditions.

“This E35, let me tell you, it’s got enough power to go through anything,” he says. “I can’t ask for a better machine. I mean, I love the engine in it, the hydraulics are super and they’re right on the money.”

The compact size and the zero-tail-swing feature of the R-Series excavator make it the perfect machine for taking on challenging jobs in smaller spaces. Now, Lenny has a  powerful excavator that can complete the grading work a crew member would normally have to do by hand.

“Your crew’s going to love you if this machine is keeping them off the shovels,” Lenny says.

4. Steady Operation

Over the years, Lenny has developed his own grading technique that relies on the position of his excavator and his sense of balance to help him stay on track.

“When I’m grading, I do it by feel,” he says. “The way I sit on the seat, that tells me how level I am. ’Cause, if I am leaning a little, that throws me off.”

In order for his grading method to work, the machine must remain steady. With the blade float feature on the R-Series E35, being level isn’t a problem Lenny runs into anymore.

“My machine is solid, and it’s very well balanced,” he says. “I’m a professional, and I’ve been doing this a long time. There’s no job I haven’t done with a Bobcat machine.”

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