Kubota Tractor Tire Selection – Purpose, Applications, Goals & Fitment

Various types of tires are used to meet specific applications. Whether for agricultural, turf, commercial mowing or landscaping, each application takes on its own requirements. Tire manufacturer creations address a myriad of tire designs, bias ply, radial’s, flotation, forestry, industrial and turf tires.

Whether four wheel or two-wheel drive, utility vehicles, zero turn mowers and the long array of tractor horsepower groups, each manufacturer’s engineering department creates designs and a multitude of tread patterns to address the wide array of applications tires are subjected too.


In turf applications, they are known as an R3 tread pattern like the Titan Multi-Trac that provides low impact to the turf while at the same time provides a smoother ride. Additionally, there is an All-Weather type R3 tire commonly referred to as the “Diamond Tread” design. Turf tires can minimize or delete ruts or imprints into the grass and soil as compared to an R1 AG Tire.

For the professional user like a golf course, special turf tires like the Titan LSW (Low Side Wall) Tires or Galaxy Turf Special tires are specifically designed for the professional user, they can operate on low air pressure to create a gingerly roll over the turf without tracking marks, for example when aerating or fertilizing a green on the golf course, eliminating unwanted tire impressions or tracks is the main goal in tire selection.

The six tires shown below also have many variations this is just a sampling. You see there’s a common value and design in the all their tread patterns, essentially they provide a smooth foot print pattern. Also, contrary to belief or assumption these are only for turf applications. Turf tires perform remarkably well in snow environments as well due to the larger ground contact foot print that has more rubber on the ground than a bar type tire.


Whereas in agricultural applications an R1 Bias Ply or Radial, the R1W tread is essentially the same appearance, however the lugs are about 25% deeper, then there is the deep lugged R2 Rice and Cane tire.

These tires provide large angular lugs that intersect closely near the center. Important to AG tires, is the pulling traction while providing a cleaning path for debris that releases built up material when working in heavy soil, muddy or snow conditions becomes an important factor to the AG tires performance.


Industrial tires are defined as an R4 type tread pattern. These tires represent a robust carcass with a unique tread pattern where the lugs angle off towards the center that overlap the next lug, this provides a smoother ride and longer life while operating on hard surfaces, as well the R4 tires can be used in a multitude of applications, not just industrial work.

Since the R4 tires were introduced on the B and L Series tractors they have fast become the tire of choice for their adaptability in mowing applications as well as in ground work like tilling gardens as well as in loader and backhoe applications.

NOTE: This article is not meant to promote or endorse any particular brand or tire configuration, as whether to inform users of the many different types of tires available and how they fit into so many market applications. Reference to graphics and photos retrieved from manufacturers’ websites.

Tire questions? We can help.

If you have questions about tires for your Kubota machine, contact your authorized Kubota dealer. They have the answers, and are excited to help you determine the tire that works best for you.

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